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    Topics / U.S.
    10/25/2010  21:22
    US defends Iraq record after WikiLeaks furor
    The United States on Monday defended its record probing civilian deaths and abuse in Iraq after graphic revelations in leaked secret documents triggered worldwide concern and condemnation.
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    Topics / U.S.
    10/24/2010  21:35
    US under pressure on WikiLeaks allegations
    Washington on Sunday came under increasing pressure to investigate allegations in the leaked Iraq war documents published by WikiLeaks, which Britain's deputy premier called "shocking".
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    Topics / U.S.
    10/23/2010  22:19
    Radical Yemeni-US imam Awlaki in new Internet video
    A new video featuring wanted radical Yemeni-US cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was posted on Saturday on the Al-Shammukh jihadist website.
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    Topics / U.S.
    10/20/2010  21:31
    Mysterious French street artist JR wins coveted TED Prize
    A mysterious French artist that uses bleak streets in cities around the world as frames for his photos has won a TED Prize of 100,000 dollars and help in changing the world for the better.
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    Topics / Bussiness
    10/19/2010  20:15
    Yahoo! net profit doubles but revenue disappoints
    Yahoo!'s quarterly net profit more than doubled but revenue growth was flat at the struggling Internet company and its forecast for the current quarter disappointing.
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    Topics / Politics
    10/17/2010  21:22
    US office-seekers dip into digital toolkits as vote looms
    Facebook page? Check. Twitter feed? Check. YouTube channel? Check.
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    Topics / U.S.
    10/14/2010  20:32
    Google profit soars in third quarter
    Google on Thursday reported that its quarterly profit soared on the back of its thriving Internet advertising service and that its display and mobile ad businesses are taking wing.
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    Topics / Bussiness
    10/9/2023  23:31
    Microsoft pinning mobile hopes on new operating system
    Microsoft unveils a new mobile phone operating system on Monday in what is being seen as a potentially make-or-break effort by the US software giant to remain a player in the hotly competitive niche.
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    Topics / U.S.
    9/18/2010  23:41
    Microsoft, Yahoo! jostle for US search share
    Google is the undisputed king of search in the United States.
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    Topics / U.S.
    9/16/2010  21:39
    Pro-privacy social network launched as Facebook rival
    Four US students who launched a new social networking site called "Diaspora" are stressing its ease of use and stricter privacy policy, in a bid to make waves in a field dominated by Facebook.