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    World News / Health
    2/10/2023  23:39
    20 dead of swine flu in China in 2011:
    At least 20 people have died of swine flu in China this year, the health ministry said, but officials said there was no reason to panic even as the flu season reaches its peak.
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    World News / Health
    12/4/2023  07:50
    As climate talks drag on, more ponder techno-fixes
    Like the warming atmosphere above, a once-taboo idea hangs over the slow, frustrating U.N. talks to curb climate change
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    World News / Health
    11/30/2010  22:37
    Complacency fuels new AIDS surge in West: UN
    Complacency among young people is causing a new surge of the AIDS epidemic in the United States and European nations like Britain and Germany, a top UN expert said ahead of World AIDS Day on Wednesday
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    World News / Health
    11/30/2010  22:23
    Finger length predicts prostate cancer risk: study
    Men whose index fingers are longer than their ring, or fourth, fingers run a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer, according to a study published Wednesday in the British Journal of Cancer
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    World News / Health
    11/2/2023  20:32
    Light fantastic: Retinal implant brightens future for blind
    German doctors on Wednesday announced a breakthrough in retinal implants, the fledgling technology that aims to restore sight in people cursed by a form of inherited blindness
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    World News / Health
    8/31/2010  20:21
    Exercise cuts genetic obesity risk by 40 percent: study
    Physical exercise can reduce a genetic predisposition to obesity by an average of 40 percent, a new study showed Tuesday.
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    World News / Health
    7/15/2010  09:16
    Norway's princess in Vienna for AIDS conference
    Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit will be in Vienna this weekend for an AIDS gala and the opening of a Youth Pavilion at the AIDS 2010 conference, organisers said Thursday.
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    World News / Health
    5/1/2024  15:09
    Children's cold, allergy medicine recalled
    A voluntary recall has been issued for more than 40 over-the-counter drugs for children, including Tylenol and Motrin, because they don't meet quality standards
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    World News / Health
    4/9/2023  22:39
    Death toll from contagious disease in China doubles in March
    Forty children in China died from the highly contagious hand, foot and mouth disease in March, almost doubling the death toll in the previous two months, state media reported.
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    World News / Health
    3/31/2010  21:45
    Job exposure to chemicals boosts breast cancer risk
    Workplace exposure to synthetic fibres and certain oil byproducts before her mid-30s triples a woman's risk of breast cancer after menopause, a study among Canadian patients said Thursday.