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    National News / Security
    9/18/2010  19:54
    Standoff ends, suspect in jail
    A West Odessa man wounded three people, including two sheriff’s deputies, during a shooting spree that started Friday afternoon in West Odessa, authorities said
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    National News / Security
    9/14/2010  21:48
    Google fires engineer for violating privacy policies
    Google said Tuesday that it had dismissed an engineer for violating the Internet giant's privacy policies.
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    National News / Security
    9/4/2023  23:27
    US likely to keep thousands of troops in Iraq after 2011
    The United States likely will need to keep thousands of troops in Iraq beyond 2011 to keep a lid on sectarian tensions and to bolster Baghdad's fledgling military, experts and former officers say.
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    National News / Security
    9/2/2023  13:57
    Explosion on Gulf of Mexico oil platform sends crew into sea
    An oil platform explosion Thursday in the Gulf of Mexico forced the crew to dive into the sea and threatened further damage to waters still recovering from the BP disaster.
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    National News / Security
    8/31/2010  20:26
    Obama ends Iraq combat, calls for rebuilding at home
    President Barack Obama Tuesday declared an end to US combat in Iraq, saying its people must now take the lead in charting their destiny as Americans turn to rebuilding their own battered nation.
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    National News / Security
    8/30/2010  22:22
    Obama visits US troops, plans Bush call ahead of Iraq speech
    US President Barack Obama met Monday with wounded US soldiers and prepared to call his predecessor George W. Bush a day ahead of an address marking the official end of the US combat mission in Iraq.
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    National News / Security
    8/29/2010  22:21
    For Iraq war veterans, 'invisible wounds' that never heal
    Knocked unconscious when a roadside bomb sent his armored vehicle flying in Iraq, US Army Lieutenant Mike McMichael's life has been haunted ever since by invisible wounds that never seem to heal.
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    National News / Security
    8/24/2010  21:37
    Taliban take comfort in US withdrawal plans: general
    President Barack Obama's July 2011 deadline to start withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan has given Taliban insurgents hope they can prevail in the war, the top US Marine said in blunt remarks on Tuesday.
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    National News / Security
    8/22/2010  22:39
    Resumption of US combat ops possible but unlikely: Odierno
    The top US commander in Iraq admitted Sunday that a "complete failure" of Iraqi security forces could oblige the United States to resume combat operations there, but he called this an unlikely scenario.
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    National News / Security
    8/22/2010  09:38
    Four US soldiers killed in day of Afghan war violence
    Four US soldiers were killed Sunday while fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, NATO said, as the insurgents appeared to step up their campaign against officials and election candidates.