Woman Finds Bird Leg In Her Bag Of Dole Spinach

By Will Lerner, Yahoo News

OHIO.- Rose Carducci bought a bag of Dole spinach as part of an online order last week from a Buehler’s Fresh Foods in Wadsworth, Ohio. Ms. Carducci consumes a lot of the stuff every week, whether it’s in salads or smoothies. However, the 28-year-old mother of two is now less eager to buy her greens after she made a nauseating discovery, as WEWS NewsChannel 5 reports.

The bag was unopened and on her counter when Ms. Carducci noticed something odd. As she told WEWS, “…as I started looking some more, I saw what looked like nails, like talons and realized, ‘Oh my Gosh, this is part of a bird.” While Ms. Carducci is happy that she didn’t actually have any of the spinach from the contaminated package, she is worried about what other bags may contain. Dave Clecker, manager of the Wadsworth Buehler’s, was alarmed too and contacted their wholesaler, Indiana-based Caito Foods. Mr. Clecker also inspected the packages that were still for sale inside their store.

WEWS received a statement from Dole, which read:

“Thank you for contacting us about the issue. We appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to respond. Dole Fresh Vegetables prides itself on its high product quality standards and takes consumer concerns very seriously. We have already spoken to the consumer and our Quality Assurance staff is investigating the incident.”


Ms. Carducci contacted Dole and says they offered her vouchers for spinach and salad, but she declined, saying she won’t be, “eating bagged lettuce or bagged spinach again.” She also reached out to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and was told they’ll be reviewing Dole’s process for bagging spinach.

Author: Alejandra Cantu

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