Armani Perfume worth $5,800 was bought in Dubai International Airport

Dubai.- A limited edition fragrance by Giorgio Armani, with a cost of $5,800 dollars, was purchased by a buyer at the Dubai International Airport.

In the hands of master crystal workers in Saint Louis, a block of glass has been transformed into precious crystal, and each step of the process is based on century-old expertise. The fragance is called “Crystal Edition.”

Each bottle comes in a luxury case with two 30 ml refills and black glass rod to serve as an applicator . The fragrance is described with a smell of Cyprus, jasmine flowers, rose petals and tuberoses . In 2012, when this limited edition was released, it was announced that there were only 100 fragrances available series of 100 pieces worldwide , the 2 bottles with numbers N ° 3 and N ° 8 would be available in the store World Duty Free at Heathrow Terminal 5 Dubai.

None of the bottles had been sold, until a few days ago a Russian couple bought the women’s fragrance for € 4,250 ($5,814 dollars).

Author: Alejandra Cantu

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