Target Asks Customers to Verify Purchases

By: Mauricio Belloc
The Laredo Sun

LAREDO, TX - Shoppers who visited Target stores between Nov. 27 - Dec. 15, and used a credit or debit card are asked to verify their purchases after hackers broke into databases. Nearly 40 million consumers are at risk of having their private information stolen.

Many consumers from across the nation could be directly affected by this issue.

Target has minimized the problem, said Gregg Steinhafel, chairman of the national board. A toll free number (866-852-8680) is available for those who believe they have been already affected.

The data obtained includes the customer name (cardholder), account number, date of birth and magnetic card code.

Target says that many or most customers will not be affected, as this problem has happened with other stores in similar situations.

The director of Target, said no one can ensure that the PIN number allows any one to visit an ATM to withdraw cash.

Target has assumed responsibility for any fraud or wrongdoing committed as a result of this breech.

Author: Christine Rojas

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