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Military equipment is requested to protect border

Congressman Henry Cuellar said he formally requested military equipment for border counties. Courtesy Photo
Backed by officers from 17 counties in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Congressman Henry Cuellar asked the Secretary of Defense for military equipment and technology that was used in Iraq and Afghanistan
Saturday, March 31, 2023
By: Francisco Diaz The Laredo Sun
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LAREDO, TX. - Cuellar was also supported by Congressman Ted Poe, who asked secretary Leon Panetta to send the support as soon as possible and any equipment that can bs sent to border.

Cuellar said that in the coming months, parts, vehicles, trained dogs, helicopters, planes and other equipment that was used by United States military forces abroad will arrive.

This is more than 1.5 million items that have already been removed from Iraq, where there are still over 900 thousand pieces.

"These items will go to federal, state and local agencies to reinforce its mission to serve and protect," said Cuellar.

He added that if more security is desired, it is necessary to reinforce the infrastructure with different law enforcement agencies.

Also, that the lines of communication are open with the Department of Defense in trying to speed up the process of sending and receiving the help.

He thanked the support of Congressman Poe and 17 constables who joined this effort to expedite the arrival of federal resources to the border.

Last January, Cuellar organized a meeting in Laredo where Secretary of Defense, Paul Stockton, appeared, to explain the application process for this equipment and military technology.

At this meeting attended by more than 100 officers from various law enforcement agencies, are already working to organize for the transfer of these items.

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