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School district UISD takes strong measures to avoid school cuts

Roberto Santos, UISD district superintendent, said he is looking for savings to reduce the impact of state cuts.
The United Independent School District has already taken special measures to reduce the impact of cuts in state funding. While some are controversial, they are considered necessary such as the suspension of new employees.
Thursday, April 21, 2023
By: Francisco Diaz, The Laredo Sun
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Pat Campos, president of the UISD board, said that the first act passed was the consolidation of the D.D. Hachar and Lincoln Juarez schools.

Beginning next school year in the month of August, children from pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will stay at D.D. Hachar and the rest of the students from first to fifth grade will be moved to Lincoln-Juarez.

"This trend of consolidation will save us 1.4 million dollars," mentioned Campos.

Campos also said that all administrative and non-teaching positions that are vacant will not be filled. Only teaching positions will be filled as needed.

The chairman of the UISD board said he was unaware how much the cuts will amount to on this district, but it is estimated to be from 20 to 50 million dollars.

"Our goal of the board is trying to maintain job security for all. Laying off staff would be the last step we would take and we hope that the cuts will not be so drastic," Campos explained.

Campos said he hopes to have a report of possible educational cuts by the end of May.

Roberto Santos, UISD district superintendent, also said some changes will be territorial in some schools in order to have more savings in resources.

For example, about 100 students from Finley Elementary school will be moved to Kazen. Thirty students from the school Perez will be moved to Prada and 40 from Santos Benavides Elementary will be moved to Newman.

"With these modifications we are going to save money and at the same time we will open spaces to avoid the use of portable classrooms," Campos ended.


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