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From the Southern Sun, we come across DJ MAVV

Por: Yanira Resendez, Rio Magazine

Miguel Angel Vidal Vasquez stops by his hometown and chats with Rio Magazine.

Residing in Miami, Florida for about two years now, Miguel Angel Vidal Vasquez or better known as DJ MAVV, visited his hometown of Laredo for a few weeks.

We couldn’t take our eyes of this curly hair, scruffy look handsome man as he chatted with us about downing twenty-five dollar drinks at the beach on a Saturday and how everyone is a DJ now thanks to Virtual DJ.

Mavv has put his deejaying skills aside as he is now a producer and engineer for Latin artists due to the overflowing of laptop DJ’s to compete against.

He has learned how to play the guitar and hopes to eventually write songs in not just house but other genres of music.

While fashioning other skills as an artist, Mavv admits that he still gets nervous before deejaying and even after 11 years, that’s a feeling that never goes away.

“The day I stop getting nervous, I’d probably stop deejaying.”

Rowdy Boy Retta was his mentor, a Nuevo Laredo DJ who has won many dj competitions in Mexico. Retta gets technical as he scratches which is what transformed Mavv into practicing six hours every day until he was comfortable and able to play in front a crowd.

He appreciates his hometown for his family, friends and food but although he finds nothing unique about Laredo, he does say that this town can out drink any place he’s lived in, even those crazy folks in Miami.