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The federal government will pay 22 police officer salaries

Por: Mauricio Belloc, The Laredo Sun

Laredo is the only city to have 22 new police officers paid by the federal government, thanks to a fund of 4.3 billion from the COPS program

Laredo, Tx .- Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), will pay for three full years wages and all benefits and economic union for 22 local police officers

Thanks to the lobbying of the Council of Laredo, in Washington, backed by Rep. Henry Cuellar, this border city just received this benefit.

"Because our officers not only fight crime in the city like robberies and felonies, but also help protect our border against, human smuggling, weapons, money and even protecting against possible invasion by terrorists," said Mayor Raul Salinas.

Salinas a former FBI agent for over 20 years, said being the first to respond to a problem of national security or domestic, from our border makes worthy to receive such valuable Laredo federal financial aid.

"Public safety will always be our number one priority,” said Salinas.