You basically don’t write songs

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She hit and worried when the world entered the information that Kanye West is recording a new disc with Paul McCartney. Only One was the first harbinger of this collaboration of great musicians of his time. In the song, McCartney only plays the keys, but his name contributes to the composition. Although, according to the younger part of the audience, the founder of the Beatles wants to climb to the top of his career on the back of Kani West. Good trolling or just the usual course of things, and the end of a certain era in music?

Who’s Paul McCartney? This is why I fuck with Kanye. He’s always trying to put on new artists.

Who's Paul McCartney? This is why I fuck with Kanye. He's always trying to put on new artists.Only One can be listened to on the official website of Kanyego Vesta – videos from YouTube are removed-and bought in iTunes. As it’s easy to see, although the balladowy part has a very emotional text (Kanye believes the words that flowed through it refer to the deceased mother) and a rather catchy melody, it totally spoils his use of Auto-Tune.

Of course, Kanye doesn’t want to do a second “Yeezus” is, therefore, assumed to operate Floor McCarnteyem. Who would have expected, however, that this Duo would cause so much resonance on the Net? But no one, but-contrary to appearances-is not as silly as you might expect. Twitter was overwhelmed by a wave of comments from fans of Kanye, who expressed great surprise who the “Mc Cartney” is, why the famous rapper helps him that this aspiring artist wzbije heights of popularity, thanks to thinking Kanye. You basically don’t write songs. Sounds ridiculous? For all people who are at least slightly pulling their nose out of the confines of gossip and interested in the degree of moderate music, probably so. The question arises in the mind – what time did we live?

who tf is Paul McCartney???!??! this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists

who tf is Paul McCartney???!??! this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artistsThis phenomenon can be explained in two ways. The first is the difference between generations and changes in the music market – the music of older generations is a thing of the past. The second is the usual Internet trolling. Since the world is never black and white, we’re probably facing these two phenomena at once, as well as the usual human stupidity – calling the thing very gentle. A large part of the tweets just started to share an ironic record (for example, the user Curved Daily) and treat it very seriously. This applies both to people who know McCartney (especially fans of the Beatles), as well as people whom Justin Bieber is an idol. You can check out this album as well

On the one hand, so we ran into angry commentators (defending McCartney) and on the other, praising Kanye for his big heart. It was easy to be mistaken who is who in this whole Scam. The only question is, in the era of digitization is there really a generation gap phenomenon, if uncle Google can help you in everything? It seems to me that, despite the possibilities of access to information, the answer is Yes. There is still pure ignorance and ordinary laziness. Why bother searching for McCartney’s biography if it’s “easier” to post a new tweet?

After all, there is a matter of transition. McCartney is 72 years old, a lot of entries in the account, but in fact his latest entries (like “new” 2013) don’t go crazy on Billboard lists. What the most desperate would even say is that McCartney ended up on the Beatles. I can say with confidence that the British legend of rock for the younger generation simply does not exist. Fans of the Beatles may think this phenomenon is unthinkable, but since the creation of the team has been 55 years. For those who look at Selena Gomez and Bieber, it’s a lot of time.

How do so many people do not know who, Paul McCartney is? They think he’s going to “blow up cause of Kanye”??

How do so many people do not know who, Paul McCartney is? They think he's going to "blow up cause of Kanye"??The truth, however, is that we can complain about dumb youth, and how many of us associate jazz and Blues legends of the 30s and 40s? How many people interviewed on the street are connected by any piece of miles Davis, one of the most famous jazz musicians? It is clear that the Beatles and their hit pop rock, which won the whole world-it’s not the same as jazz. However, for people growing up in the late ’40s and’ 50s, it was probably just as unthinkable not to know benny Goodman or Charlie Parker as us McCartney.

One might think that having so much achievement in the account, McCartney might have a nose for Kanyego West, but needs it more than it might seem. It is not surprising that the young do not know him, because they do not hear about him at all. If the founder of The Beatles wants to be on top (assume he wants to), he should collaborate with artists like Kanye. The Beatles and their songs may be immortal, but not McCartney. Most people will certainly associate the name of the team, but there is evidence of an exchange of the whole team may already be a little worse.

Generation gap is not a new phenomenon and will affect every next generation. Probably, for 30 years, young people will ask “who is Kanye?”. And duets, musical elderly musicians (coming down from a scene) and younger (which in fashion) took place long ago and will take place all the time. Paul McCartney used to shoot with Steve wonder and Michael Jackson. Recently, Lady Gaga also took part in a similar project and again helped Tony Bennett to “coexist”. Therefore, even if someone is not trollował on cooperation Kanyego WESTA with McCartney and just not tied to this old man, this can be explained vulgar statement – “Yes there is”.



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