Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon’s Imagine

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On September 9, 1971, John Lennon’s most popular album, “Imagine”, was released. Not very round 47 years later saw the light, prepared by Yoko Ono, the renewal of this material, enriched with many additional services. Not only did” Imagine “return to the stores in several formats, ranging from a modest single-Board version, to a powerful hexagonal box, ending it for Lennon fans also prepared a memorable book about the creation of the famous work and the resumption of the films”Imagine” and”Gimme Some Truth”. I got the deluxe version, which consists of two discs.

The song’s central lyrical structure

The song’s central lyrical structureFor the original, remastered under the direction of Yoko Ono, the content of the album appeared here also single and additional songs, as well as – on the second disc – 20 bonuses-raw demos, subsequent approaches, research, individual tracks (including minus “Imagine” and “How?”only on strings, beautifully sang’ Oh My Love ‘ performed by a capella) or remixes. Behind this massive campaign is obviously and possibly-given events around the world-it’s a really good time to remind people that war is over! (if you want it).

Political, frugal and introspektywnym the CD “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band”, the first issued after the breakup of the Beatles, “Imagine” is a bit of a different face of Lennon. Lighter and happier, very diverse and much closer to the creativity of the mother band, and at the same time supported by richer than before production and a real crowd of musicians in the Studio, including George Harrison and members of the new York Philharmonic orchestra. “I call it commercial, but without compromise,” he said about the album, John Lennon, and it’s hard to disagree with this description.

Until recently, the song was credited solely to Lennon

Until recently, the song was credited solely to Lennon“Imagine” is a Board cut in such a way that almost everyone can like it. Even the first, the most famous composition on the disc and, by the way, in the whole solo asset of Lennon is a rather mild form of pacifism and atheism, and maybe even just agnosticism for the masses. And at the same time incorrect optimism and naive faith in General good human nature. On the other hand, only John could explain how with this full of love for neighbor sending a corresponding rather brutal attack on Paul McCartney, expressed in ” How Do you Sleep?”(A pretty face may last a year or two / But pretty soon they’ll see what you can do / the sound you make is muzak to my ears / you must have learned something in all those years).

The most important thing in the case of” Imagine”, however, is the fact that this accessible character of the album goes hand in hand with excellent implementation and arrangements and melodies. John Lennon showed here the fullness of his talent and proved that for a reason he was considered the most talented of the four ex- “Beatles”, and that he predicted then the career. I can’t imagine that the fans of Lennon’s home team did not like “Imagine”, which in many places literally emits the aura of roztaczaną through Fab Four.

The key to success, however, is not just nostalgia for the Beatles ‘ classic accomplishments, which officially broke up just over a year earlier. Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon’s Imagine She’s bloated even into pieces like “Gimme Some Truth” or ” How Do you Sleep?”in which we not accidentally hear George Harrison. On “Imagine”, however, you can find much more, for this all of the highest quality. Blues-with country lining, and even the original for the future “Beatles” skiffle “Crippled Inside” and “it’s So Hard”, which can easily be found in the repertoire of the Rolling Stones. Lyrical songs based on beautiful melodies (“Imagine”, “Jealous Guy”, “Oh My Love”, ” How?”). Funkująco-jazzująco-experimental “I don’t Want to Be a Soldier”, or finally earned, joyful “Oh, Yoko!”.

A series of wistful, utopian scenarios

A series of wistful, utopian scenariosI’m not a big fan of bonuses, scrapbook and the listening process, I’ll confine myself so only to find that the extra renewal disc “Imagine” would be a great gift for the biggest fans of Lennon and the Beatles. I also don’t really like the typical bonuses thrown into the original material, which most often breaks the disc flow and developer concept. Here, however,I must admit that the six additional tracks that complement the first CD are not far behind. There is also a very similar album which you can read about here.

However, not can to back off, if he among them, for example, not-albumowy single “Power to the People”, exquisite “Same…(Baby Please don’t Go)”, a completely really tight psychedelic “The Oz”, or finally known, probably to everyone, covering the face of the “protest anthem” Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. Imagine that at the moment there are holidays – Lennon shouted to the crowd gathered in the Studio during the recording of this song. I am a Jew-was supposed to meet the producer, Phil Spector. Think about what celebrating a birthday, ‘ replied Lennon.

Evaluation after 47 years after the release of such albums as” Imagine”, which found their place in the Canon of modern popular music does not make sense. Moreover, the fee is in no way outdated, right, and today sounds fresh and admires the talent of the composer and the versatility of Lennon. A must-read and a wonderful music history lesson.



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