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Tool Post Teasers For New Album

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One of the fans asked Danny Carey about the new Toola album. Interestingly, the musician called almost the exact date of the planned release.

Tool: When is the premiere of the new CD?

Probably, each of you has heard the legend that somewhere behind the seven mountains and forests formed a record of the group Tool. Fans of the team for the successor of “10,000 Days” have been waiting for 13 years. Education does not help his audience of the task. Every minute in the network there are new rumors about the release date. In the last time Maynard James Keenan declared even, that released already all vocals on the upcoming album. This time the voice on the ring took the drummer education.

TOOL_Twit_400x400Danny Carey, drummer of Toola appeared at the NAMM music conference in California. One fan asked the music about the release date of the new album. In the video, we hear the drummer respond that the album will be released in mid-April 2019. Unfortunately, the musician quickly added that” at least such plans”, which may mean that soon we will hear again about a completely different date. Thanks for everything, Danny. Another good album can be found here.

Tool will play at a concert in Poland as part of Impact Festival 2019. The event will take place on 11 June 2019 at the Krakow TAURON Arena. Outside the film crew of Maynard, the festival stage will feature grunge, the new Alice in Chains and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Maynard James Keenan has betrayed on Twitter that he is recording vocals on the world’s most anticipated album. The bad news is, it probably won’t come out this year.

Google announced the premiere of a new album Tool

Google announced the premiere of a new album ToolThe fact that the Instrument is actually recording its fifth Studio album, we know from March 2018, when Adam Jones showed that the band Tool Post Teasers For New Album entered the Studio. The premiere date of the successor of “10,000 Days”, however, remains a mystery. Danny Carey said that the album will be released until may 2018, but, as you know, remained a promise without coverage. Even the vocalist of Toola himself, Maynard James Keenan publicly, had colleagues at work.

In his Twitter, Maynard revealed that the time had finally come for him to be able to record vocals. This was reported in a typical, concise style. The Music post contains another important suggestion-the band expects the album to be released in 2019. Update-scratch vocals recorded just now. AJ [Adam Jones] sits tight on the bass. After this final vocal. Step back. Adjusting. Meeks. Adjusting. Once again adjusting. Mastering. Adjusting. Once again adjusting. There Were Many Roads, But Much Closer. #TOOL #2019

In July, Google Alert gave a treat to fans of the Keenana team, informing them that a new album Toola! In fact, it came to a fun confusion – it was about the rapper publisher named$FILES. The vocalist of the band Tool informed the fans about the recording of the new album. However, this was not without a pessimistic comment.

Maynard James Keenan disappointed with new tool album

Maynard James Keenan disappointed with new tool albumLess and less people believe in the next announcement of the release dates of the new album Tool. On the successor to “10,000 Days” fans have been waiting since 2006. I hope a little restored album A Perfect Circle, which also emerged after a giant break, and met the expectations of most listeners.

Nevertheless, it should be admitted that the team of Maynard James Keenan is under enormous pressure. After 13 years, the appetite for new sounds from Toola has grown to enormous size,and the pressure on the syndrome is quite large. Unsurprisingly, the group leader was gripped by disappointment.

Keenan’s Twitter recently posted a message about the progress of the new album. The musician said that he recorded all the vocals on the disc: The vocals for the new album were recorded a month ago, Then it was time for the a Perfect Circle route. Now you just have to add the missing sounds and start a long process of mixes. While I’ll deal with Pussyfarm and Troll fans on the FB team.

One of the Twitter users responded to this news, and not without difficult questions. The person behind the pseudonym ACrowleybeast asked Keenana how She feels about being a musician who has been in the project for so many years, who doesn’t know how to finish what he started. The answer music was short and specific: It’s like a slow death.

After years of waiting, Maynard’s team will visit our country. Tool will play a concert in Poland as part of the Impact Festival. The event will take place on 11 June 2019 at the Krakow Tauron Arena. Alice in Chains and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will also perform during the event.

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