Paul McCartney’s Awesomely Eccentric “Egypt Station”

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Fuh that you seem to shout Paul McCartney towards anyone who would like to perceive a 76-year-old living legend only as an exhibit from the wax Museum. Fuh you for all who complain that Paul will not record another “Eleanor Rigby”. Fuh you to those who do not like the mixing of genres and the direction is very hit-pop (as if the Beatles never made it to pop music) and fuh you to those who would like a fairly stable floor covering old ballads for the age of the audience. Finally, Fuh you addressed the outgoing time. Born in 1942, Macca still plays great music and does it on her own terms. No one can ban it. After all, as sings in “Who Cares”, “Who cares what the idiots say / Who cares what the idiots are.” More accurately, already, perhaps, not will give.

His first LP in five years is structured like a ride on the cosmic train

His first LP in five years is structured like a ride on the cosmic trainThe best or worst albums based on the concept of travel in the market are definitely not enough, whether it is a journey deep into yourself or viewed more literally. McCartney adopted the second concept (but not turning off the first one), so in the premise each song on the “Egyptian station” should be a separate train station. This is a good excuse to accommodate a lot of diverse climate on the drive, and this McCartney ORVI has succeeded. Surprisingly well.

I am surprised how very successful, light, stylish and adventurous this stove. Boils fresh ideas, skillfully referring to the past, and at the same time so deftly running out into the future. Just like the Beatles, who after the fall like garniturków never wanted to be szufladkowani and for every new idea thrown, both – without trying on – Reksio on ham, and McCartney stretched here to rock, pop, calm ballads, folk, complex shapes, and even peculiar protest leaders with a very clear political dispatch.

Including two bonus stations on Board up to 18, but about the transfer can not be. Almost all (exactly 16) were written by McCartney and probably many listeners are interested that Paul had a collaboration with ociekającym sweetness Ryan Tedderem with OneRepublic. Maybe it was to summon a light enzyme and have fun aiming at the singlowym charts, an extremely popowym written and produced in conjunction with Tedderem “Fuh you”, which could easily be found, for example, in Lady Gaga’s repertoire.

Paul reflects on the kind of emotional resolutions you seek

Paul reflects on the kind of emotional resolutions you seekThis is and so, however, nothing compared to the second fruit of this inter-generational collaboration, i.e. zapobiegliwie being at the very end, among the bonuses (and therefore missed in most reviews) “Nothing for Free” that sounds like… Check it out for yourself, and senior McCartney fans should take a sober salt beforehand. “Alright, alright, alright…”

At the other pole was the longest on the album, a multithreaded punch aimed, I think, at trump’s “Despite with multiple introductions of Warnings” (“What can we do, what can we do? This man is afraid of losing the ship and its crew ” / ” how can we stop him? Grab the keys and lock him up”). The composition begins with the piano part taken out of the “Beatles” heritage live, to after a while go to the middle of the 80’s and zalatującego delicious kiczem stadionowego rock (“Yes we can do it!”). Equally unusual in the context of the fully covering regular part of the medley intervertebral disc “Hunt You Down/Naked / C-Link”, and especially its third part, the instrumental part, it is backed by a gentle orkiestracją, very guitar Blues. This is a great ending. If you like such a music you should check this out.

And the rest of the song? We got everything. And the lyrical ballads “I don’t Know”, “Hand in Hand” or “Do it Now”, and the extremely catchy “Come on to Me”, which recorded one of the young popular Island groups in an instant it became a big international hit. The hit tracks also follow “Who Cares” and “Dominoes”, rock claw shows “Caesar Rock”, and about psycho-funky (something like that?) touches a bit of the mind “Back in Brazil”, which on another drive odstawałby very much, but on “Egypt Station” works fine.

He stepped out with the psychedelic nugget

He stepped out with the psychedelic nuggetMost of the intervertebral disc-a beautiful, fairly quiet composition, in which an important role is played by the voice of Paul and acoustic guitar (“Happy with you”, “Confidante”). That incredible stylistic spread in one piece combine great melodies McCartney. Macca is in great shape and once again proves that as a child he had to go, like Obeliks-in a cauldron with a magic potion, which does not give, however, strength and talent.

As if this were not enough, everything is perfectly made and, above all, organized and structured with the help of dozens of instruments, as well as orchestra and choir. And again, McCartney is personally responsible for a significant part of the instruments, which, by the way, did not allow all this wealth of funds to be turned into uncontrolled chaos that could overpower the soft nature of the disk.

“Egypt Station” is Paul McCartney’s best album for many years, which, however, was also a commercial reflection. It is the first ex-Beatles album to hit the top of the Billboard list from the time issued in 1982 by “Tug of War”. The album sounds very stylish and refreshing. The world would certainly be a better place if all unrealized music seniors aged with such a class. Well done, Sir Paul!



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