New Highway On Mines Road

By Francisco Diaz for the Laredo Sun

LAREDO, TX.- City and county government are working on a project to build a highway on Mines Road to Interstate 35 that will reduce the traffic congestion in that area.

Commissioner John Galo confirmed that city and county officials have met and discussed sharing the expenses of the investment.

“The idea is to fund the project through a loan that will be paid between the city and the county equally, since both entities have the same problem of traffic congestion,” he said.

The project is called Hachar Road and the land needed for construction will be donated entirely by the Hachar Foundation with the aim of helping to reduce the serious problem of traffic chaos in the area of ​​Mines Road.

“We have an intense movement of trucks coming mostly from the World Trade Bridge, the aim is to have a pathway that connects directly with Highway 35 without causing inconvenience to motorists,” said Galo.

The commissioner added that this new route will begin at Tiendas Road towards Unitec Industrial Park and in the future extend to mile marker 14 on Interstate 35.

“When the road is completed it will have a direct route for trucks from Mines Road to Interstate 35 and this will take away any inconvenience to motorists,” he said.

Galo said the project has the support of the Texas Department of Transportation to oversee the work to meet all the quality standards they require for their roads.

“The plan is to begin the construction next year, so we are doing working hard to get ready”, he said.

The commissioner said the cost is between 15 and 24 million dollars and will increase if it takes longer to built.


Author: Alejandra Cantu

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