Long Lines at World Trade International Bridge

bc562eb1dbf3df1_6e46a04be3241cee1ed43b7856cb0baaFrida Flores , with information by Edna Juarez

NUEVO LAREDO.- A presumed error in the system is keeping hundreds of trucks from crossing to the United States through Bridge no. 3. According to stuck drivers, they have been waiting more than 3 hours for the system to restart.

“It’s been over 3 hours, the line hasn’t moved, I think [the line] it’s aobut 10 km already, it’s probably the system again.” says a driver who was waiting in line at 3:00 PM this afternoon.

The presumed error has provoked the annoyance of drivers, and the longs lines that have a length more than 10 km.


Author: Editor Laredo Sun

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